Police Fitness Test

What is involved in the test?

Dynamic strength test (push/pull)

  • This stage of the assessment involves a requirement to perform five seated chest pushes and five seated back pulls on the Dynomachine to measure your strength

  • The most effective way to prepare for this is to carry out lots of bench press exercises, lateral pull-down exercises and also press ups

  • These types of exercises will help you to greatly improve your strength and stamina

Endurance test (Bleep test)

  • During the second stage of the assessment you will be asked to run backwards and forwards along a 15 metre track in time to a series of bleeps (5.6 on the bleep test to pass)

  • This test is exactly the same as the Bleep Test or the Multi-stage fitness test which is used by many high-performing athletes and footballers in today’s world of sport

  • Although it is important that you pass the test at the first attempt, the good news is that you will get a further two times to pass it

Firefighter Fitness Test

What is involved in the test?

The 6 National Firefighter Physical Tests

  • Ladder Climb

  • Casualty Evacuation

  • Ladder Lift / Lower Simulation

  • Enclosed Spaces

  • Equipment Assembly

  • Equipment Carry

Ladder Climb

This is a test of confidence whilst working at height. Candidates must demonstrate the correct ‘leg lock’ at ground level before commencing the test. Wearing full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including a harness, candidates must ascend a fully extended 13.5 metre ladder to approximately second storey height and demonstrate a ‘leg lock’.

The candidate will then be required to lean back with arms outstretched and describe a symbol shown on the floor. The candidate will then descend.

Casualty Evacuation

This is a test of lower and upper body strength. Candidates in full PPE will be required to drag a 55kg casualty walking backwards (guided by an assessor) around a 30-metre course.

Ladder Lift / Lower Simulation

Again, this is a test of upper and lower body strength. Candidates in full PPE will be required to raise a bar 75 cm off the ground to a height of 182cm and back down to the 75 cm support. The weight of the bar at the lifting point will start at 5kg. The maximum load to be added is 15kg.

Enclosed Space

This is a test of confidence, agility and possible claustrophobia whilst working in an enclosed space. Candidates in full PPE and wearing a Breathing Apparatus facemask will be required to negotiate a measured crawlway within a set time. Half the route will be with clear vision and the other half with obscured vision. You will be required to perform specific tasks during this test.

Equipment Assembly

This is a test of manual dexterity. Candidates will be required to assemble and disassemble an item of equipment and follow the colour coded diagrams provided.

Equipment Carry

This is a test of aerobic fitness, muscular strength and stamina. Candidates will be required to:

  • Drag a hose reel from an appliance for 25 metres, then jog back 25 metres

  • Pick up and carry 2 coiled 70 mm hoses for 100 metres

  • Carry 1 coiled 70 mm hose at chest height for 25 metres, and then jog back 75 metres

  • Pick up and carry a 2.4 metre suction hose and basket strainer for 100 metres, then jog back 100 metres

  • Pick up and carry a simulated ‘Light Portable Pump’ for 100 metres (weighing approximately 30kgs).

In each of the above tests you will be given full instructions and will be required to complete them within a specified time.